Vigilant April the giraffe viewers have witnessed interesting things happening on Sunday night.

The comments section of the giraffe live stream was filled with excited spectators who claimed they saw April the giraffe pushing contractions. Animal Adventure Park confirmed the contractions and said the vet took note of it. 

"Many of you may have witnessed what appeared as "pushing" contractions last night. The team and vet were in communication regarding these and were documented throughout the night," the zoo's post read.

Despite contractions however, April still has not gone into full labor.  

A few days ago, Dr. Tim, April's vet at Animal Adventure Park, clarified that there is nothing to worry about the pregnant giraffe. He explained that April the giraffe is not delayed in giving birth and she is safe. The calf is just taking its time, and so is April.

In response to people asking the doctor if he can induce labor, Dr. Tim said no as inducing labor is not safe for big animals like giraffes. He added that it will only endanger the life of both the mother and the calf, so instead of rushing, all of us just have to wait for the right time when they are both perfectly ready.

April the giraffe is between her 15th and 16th month. Labor will be officially declared once the hooves of the calf are visible.

Over the weekend, Animal Adventure Park has already started their text alert system, which, as NBC New York reported, costs $4.99, exclusive of messaging fees. The text alert system will notify the followers if April is already in labor and will give access to exclusive photos and videos of April.

To make the subscription even more exciting, Animal Adventure Park announced that they will reveal the gender of April's baby in advance to all the subscribers.

"Thank you to the many that have signed on for text alerts for Labor & Baby Announcements. After much discussion, we have decided the initial Gender Reveal will be made via our text alert system as soon as gender is observed post birth. This will be hours in advance of the media press releases," the zoo said.

Watch April give birth via the Animal Adventure Park Giraffe cam below: