Who would have thought that a shot of vodka could save life? A cat, which accidentally made contact with a toxic brake fluid, was given a shot of vodka to counter the ethylene glycol poisoning.

Princess the cat was reportedly on the garden of her owner's home when she came across the chemical. The fluid seeped through her skin as the deadly chemical soaked up her fur. She had also ingested some of it by licking her fur, Mirror reported.

Worried, her owner rushed Princess to a hospital, where they immediately gave her the alcohol.
Heather Loh, Blue Cross Vet, said in a statement, "Princess was in a really bad way and it was really touch and go. Pets should never be given alcohol but this was the only solution to prevent the poison from taking over and killing her."

The vodka was given thru IV drip. United Press International noted that the poison is already not on a fatal level after the IV drip, but Princess is still recovering on her home.

"She was a bit worse the wear for several days afterwards but we were relieved blood tests showed the effects of the drip were working and the poison would no longer be fatal," Loh explained.

Ingesting dangerous chemical is common for pets. Dr. Matt Pascall, who had previously treated a dog that ingested the toxic antifreeze by licking a car part, said the best treatment for this kind of poisoning is pure alcohol as it blocks the formation of ethylene glycol's toxic metabolites that lead to kidney damage. However, it is only effective if given immediately.

The ethylene glycol ingested by Princess is the most common antifreeze that pose great risk to pets. Pet Poison Help Line noted that just two teaspoons of the liquid is lethal for a cat and a couple tablespoons can kill a medium-sized dog. Incoordination, excessive urination, thirst, vomiting and lethargy are the first signs to appear if your pet has ingested this chemical.