A video of a chimp throwing poop at an old lady is going viral on the Internet. The clip, entitled "It Got Grandma," has racked up hundreds of thousands of views just hours after it was uploaded on YouTube.

According to Mirror, the grandma on wheelchair was just watching the chimps at John Ball Zoo in Grand Rapids, Michigan, when the nasty situation started to reek.

The chimp was making its way down on the steps inside its enclosure when it suddenly scooped the poop and threw it on the grandma's direction. The gross pie landed exactly on the nose of the poor woman.

This is not the first time an animal in a zoo has done this mischievous act. Last year, a girl enjoying a family's day out at Tiger World in Rockwell, North Carolina was caught by surprise when a baboon's poop landed on her face.

Mashable reported that the baboon seemed annoyed as it banged on its cage a few times before picking and throwing his poop. The zoo responded to the issue by reminding the visitors not to get too close to the animals enclosure and to refrain from doing anything that might upset or irritate them.

Zoologists previously claimed that for monkeys, throwing feces is a defense mechanism. However, there are also claims that they also exhibit this kind of behavior when they are bored.

Meanwhile, Bill Hopkins of Emory University and his colleagues conducted a study about the deeper meaning of their throwing behavior and its relationship with cognition and lateralization. The findings were published in 2011 in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B.

They have found out that while it seems barbaric, this poop-throwing behavior of monkeys and apes are signs of intelligence, citing that aside from humans, they are the only species which can "aim" with a clear mind.