A British man was mauled by his dog in Wood Green on March 20 during an interview with BBC.

According to New York Post, the Staffordshire bull terrier attacked his owner's neck. It was not the first time Mario Perivoitos was attacked by his pet, but he loved his dog so much that he still kept him despite the "danger," the report added.

In an interview with The Guardian, a neighbor of Perivoitos who refused to be named recounted the relationship of Perivoitos and his Staffordshire bull terrier named "Major."

"He loved his dog. His dog was his world. If he went out, you could hear the dog crying. He looked after his dog: if he didn't have money he was always asking me for money to get it dog food, so it seems really strange," the neighbor said.

Rescuers arrived to save Perivoitos, but he was later pronounced dead at a hospital.

Meanwhile, BBC said they were filming for a documentary but declined to give more information about what was being filmed. They also clarified that the camera was not rolling when the unfortunate incident happened.

"A crew making a BBC documentary were present -- but not filming -- at the time of the incident and called an ambulance. Given the ongoing inquiries, it would not be appropriate to comment further," a spokesperson said.

In a statement, the Met Police said the autopsy at Haringey mortuary revealed that the cause of death is "hypovolemic shock and damage to the airway consistent with a dog bite."

Heat Street said after the bloody incident, Major was placed in a secure kennel. Authorities are still deciding what should be done to the dog.

American Kennel Club
 noted that a Staffordshire bull terrier is brave, tenacious, a bit stubborn but also gentle, playful and clever.