April the giraffe, the 15-year-old long-legged YouTube star, is about to deliver her baby, at least that is what the Animal Adventure Park said in their latest update.

According to Dr. Tim, April the giraffe's veterinarian, "It was clear to all watching, the evening keeper check was cut short by April. Her behavior is very off from normal demeanor; this is to be expected. Mammary development photos were not captured, but udders reported as full. It should not be much longer!"

To keep everyone informed the moment April the giraffe gives birth, Animal Adventure Park is opening an official text alert system available for subscription tomorrow. Subscribers will get exclusive updates, including photos and videos of April.

The obviously pregnant giraffe had undergone much theory as to whether or not she is actually pregnant. Some viewers think April the giraffe is just an April Fool's Day prank and that the zoo is just using her to generate funds.

Animal Adventure Park currently has sponsors and has April the giraffe apparels for sale. The live stream now has a huge Toy R Us logo.

In addition, as mentioned by Click On Detroit, a GoFundMe page set up for April, giraffe father Oliver and their calf has raised more than $23,000 out of a goal of $50,000.

Giraffes, in the wild and captivity alike, generally give birth in the pre-dawn hours. Their gestation period usually lasts to 13 to 15 months and when it's time, they give birth in a standing position. Once the calf comes out, April will raise the calf, with weaning that could take between six to 10 months, or longer.

At 15 years old, April the giraffe's upcoming calf is her fourth one -- her first calf was with a giraffe named Thomas. April has never given birth to a stillborn. Oliver, the father of April's new calf, is five years old. Upon giving birth, Animal Adventure Park says that the calf would weigh 150 pounds and be six feet tall. Gender of the baby giraffe has not yet been identified.

Watch April give birth via the Animal Adventure Giraffe Cam below: