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Analemma Tower: New York Firm Plans to Bend Gravity, Build Giant Skyscraper Suspending From an Asteroid

Mar 30, 2017 04:33 AM EDT

New York-based architectural firm Clouds Architecture Office plans to take great heights by building the "world's tallest building."

The Analemma Tower is not your ordinary building as the skycraper is planned to be built suspended from an asteroid 31,068 miles above Earth.

According to the projections of Clouds Architecture Office (Clouds AO), Analemma Tower's orbital path will "swing" in a figure eight (8) fashiin. It will be hovering above cities like New York, Havana, Atlanta and Panama.

Clouds AO said the Analemma Tower project will be using planetary design strategies, which will eventually lead to the creation of the "tallest" building.

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NASA has already scheduled a 2021 retrieval mission for the asteroid where Analemma Tower will be suspended. The project itself will try to prove the feasibility of capturing and relocating an asteroid to the planet.

Interestingly, Analemma Tower will have different views depending on where it is on its rotation. This means windows inside rooms will be "shape-shifting" in order to deal with pressure and differences in temperature.

The Analemma Tower will have different sections and function. For instance, businesses will be consolidated on the tower's lower section while higher floors will be alloted for residential areas. The residents will have gardening areas, places of worship and meetings, shopping centers and entertainment.

Power will be provided by solar panels on the upper-most levels, and rainwater will also be produced courtesy of clouds below.

Analemma Tower's "design" will be using the Universal Orbiatal Support System, wherein super strong cables are attached to the asteroid that's lowered to the Earth.

The tower will be "suspended in the air," so it can be constructed on Earth first and then transported to the asteroid. So far, proposal says the tower could be constructed in Dubai.

It may sound impossible, but Cloud Architecture Office is convinced that the idea would work. After all, when it comes to impossible, Elite Daily did mention the Rosetta/Philae mission that led to the arrival of a probe on the surface of a comet.

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