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Animal Adventure Park Baby Watch: April the Giraffe Now One Month Past Due, Pygmy Goat Beats Her in Labor Race

Mar 23, 2017 02:06 AM EDT
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April the Giraffe has been showing signs of imminent labor but has not given birth yet. Staff and a vet have been on standby at the Animal Adventure Park.
(Photo : Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images)

April the Giraffe at Animal Adventure Park in New York has grabbed the public's attention in the past weeks, but despite showing signs of imminent labor, the pregnant giraffe has not yet given birth. Even a pygmy goat at the park has beaten her, giving birth to twins.

When Will April the Giraffe Give Birth?

April the Giraffe is now a month past her due date, which was estimated to be in mid-February, KVUE ABC reports. The giraffe's labor has been an anticipated one. In fact, a live stream was posted by the zoo to give baby watchers a firsthand view inside April's cage (watch the Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Cam below).

Yesterday, the Animal Adventure Park posted on their Facebook page that April the Giraffe has been "very moody and off from her normal self." According to the park, this mood change started manifesting on March 21 when April looked a bit "agitated."

In an interview with KVUE ABC, Jordan Patch, owner of Animal Adventure Park, said giraffes tend to hide if they are in labor to avoid predators. So we might not actually know if April is contracting until we see the calf coming out. 

Regarding the sex of April the Giraffe's calf, Patch said the zoo's ultrasound equipment could not determine whether the baby giraffe will be a boy or girl. April the Giraffe's calf will weigh around 150 pounds and be about 6 feet tall at birth.

Giraffes' gestation period lasts for about 15 months. After naturally weaning the calf for six to 10 months, it will be moved to another facility to avoid incestuous mating.

Pygmy Goat Alyssa Gives Birth to Twins

Meanwhile, another resident at the Animal Adventure Park, Alyssa the pygmy goat, has given birth to twins. According to a March 22 update of the zoo, Alyssa has been moved to the animal park's nursery barn.

Pygmy goats is a breed of miniature domestic goats that are popular pets because they are good-natured and can adapt to different climates. They give birth to one to four kids after a five-month gestation period, according to the National Pygmy Goat Association.

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