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Gigantic Chicken in 'Big Chicken Video' Is Real and It's Terrifying

Mar 22, 2017 11:10 PM EDT
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The "big chicken video" went viral online. However, many doubted the authenticity of the video since it shows a gigantic two-legged chicken emerging from its coop.

But it is now confirmed that the trending "big chicken" in the video is real and it's freaking everybody out. The terrifying chicken is almost as big as an ostrich with humongous wings, thighs and feet; all proportionate to its monstrous size.

Some commented that this chicken boss needs a story aired on TV on its own. The video originally emerged from Twitter that quickly escalated due to the weirdness and uniqueness of the subject.

The debate on whether or not the chicken is real or fake escalated quickly, prompting news organizations to verify the truth. According to CNN, the chicken in the video is "definitely not fake".

The chicken is own by a Kosovo man. Film Sejfijaj posted the "big chicken video" on Facebook before Twitter and Reddit users picked it up. It is definitely real and the chicken even has a name. It is called Merakli according to a report.

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Experts say that the chicken in the video appears to be a Brahma chicken. Brahma chickens are considered as the "King of Poultry." The person who uploaded the video labeled it "The Big Boss" pertaining to the size of the animal.

This may not be impossible, but it is definitely terrifying. A bird can even reach 13 to 14 pounds, says the Livestock Conservancy. While males reach 17 to 18.25 pounds. Brahma chickens were bred in the U.S. from livestock that originated from China.

Some Twitter users expressed their reaction upon seeing the "big chicken video". The video has now been shared on most social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Reddit.

"Okay that video of the big chicken really freaks me out," a Twitter user commented. Some wanted to block the video from their feed since it terrifies them.

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