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Even Dogs Have Gotten Into the Plastic Surgery Craze With Botox, Nose Jobs and More

Mar 22, 2017 06:26 AM EDT
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Am I pretty enough? Pets are getting plastic surgery now from Botox to testicular implants.
(Photo : Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

It's hard to imagine a dog caring about their sagging chin or the shape of their nose, but plastic surgery for pups are becoming a thriving industry.

According to a report from DuJour, pets are now being offered the same services as humans. The range of plastic surgery improvements that people get for their pets include eye lifts or tucks, nose jobs, facial-fold reductions (or full-on facelifts), lip tucks, boob jobs, tummy tucks, skin grafting, and prosthetic implants. Interestingly enough, the implants aren't just to replace limbs, but also includes testicular implants to help make neutered animals regain their masculinity.

Edgard Brito, a São Paulo vet who's known as the premiere plastic surgeon for dogs, explained that the goal for humans and dogs who go under the knife is basically the same -- to be more lovable.

"I often say that a clean dog with well-kept teeth will always be in better contact with its owners. Otherwise the dog ends up being [put to sleep]," he said.

A physically appealing pet, he added, is bound to have a better life with more cuddles, more food and more walks. He also has used the knife to alleviate discomfort in dogs like Botox to help with arthritis and Restylane to fix depressions after removing tumors.

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For a number of veterinarians in non-profits like LA-based A Purposeful Rescue, fixing imperfections in dogs can save them from being dumped by their owners or help them find new homes more easily. One of the dogs in their care at the moment is Pickle, a six-pound Chihuahua with ranky teeth and a large saggy mass hanging off her side.

"That's an animal who may have a hard time getting someone to take her home," Jennifer Cola, DMV pointed out. "But for me, it's a 15-minute fix. If we can get more shelters to do that, it means fewer pets are getting euthanized. Hangy boobs and lumps and bumps make people uncomfortable."

Others maintain that pets -- like people -- feel better about improving the way they look.

Collie-cross Bonnie, who was dubbed Britain's ugliest dog, is one of the pets expected to get plastic surgery after her rescuer and now-owner Kate Comfort set up a fundraising drive for it. According to a report from The Sun, Bonnie was found disfigured on the tracks with a missing leg, tail and nose. Officials suspect the injuries were caused by humans.

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