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New i.Con 'Smart' Condom Keeps Track of Sex Performance, Heralds Arrival of 'Smart' Sex Tech?

Mar 18, 2017 12:13 PM EDT
New 'Smart' Condom Keeps Track Of Sex Performance, Heralds Arrival Of 'Smart' Sex Tech?
It is a common piece of humor to say that couples tend to break up because of inadequacies in the bedroom. Husbands and lovers can now make sure this isn't the case with a handy new gadget in the bedroom.
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Having problems in the bedroom? Worry no more as a new "smart" condom, called i.Con smart condom, can now regulate your partner's performance in the bedroom.

That's right, i.Con Smart Condom is a Fitbit-esque device that tracks statistics related on the male's performance in bed. 

According to CNET's product review, the "world's first smart condom" has been introduced since July 2016. It costs about $74 through British Condoms, although it still doesn't have a definite release date. Sadly, interested buyers can't just purchase it yet as they won't sell it for as long as it isn't released.

However, another interesting note is just what it does. It's, in essence, a ring that can be placed "over" a condom and keeps track of the performance of a man's genitals. It's made of a host of nanochips and sensors that can even connect to a device via Bluetooth.

The ring itself has a ton of other features. For instance, it has a micro-USB charging port that can provide six to eight hours of "live" usage, though as to what this states isn't exactly clear yet.

Users may find it a bit odd as to how all these features can fit in just one device. According to AV Club, the i.Con smart condom will be available in just one size, but the band can be "adjustable."

British Condoms added that the data recorded by the device will be anonymous. However, users have the option to "share" their recent data with the world.

Interestingly, these are some of the features that the device will hopefully answer, clearing pressing issues that males may find a bit sensitive. They may find just how fast they are going, called the thrust velocity, as well as their average speed for thrusts.

For fitness buffs, they may find out just how many calories their sessions burnt. After all, a lot of research states that sex is a good way to burn calories, just like any other exercise.

Speaking of sex itself, men can use the i.Con smart condom to keep track of their progress -- as in how many times they had sex with the i.Con.

Other science buffs may ask the average temperature and girth of their genitals, as these may indeed be signs of some diseases. The i.Con will reportedly be able to detect sexually transmitted infections like gonorrhea and herpes.

Interestingly, it also has a feature that allows users to check how many positions they have done in an entire session.

Sadly, there's no "appearance" of the i.Con in the British Condom website, which makes it a bit sketchy for prospective users.

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