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Shark on a Cart: Florida Police Baffled by Dead 5-Foot Long Shark Found at Florida Walmart

Mar 10, 2017 09:21 AM EST
The authorities responded quickly after Walmart's assistant manager reported the unlikely sighting.
(Photo : Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

A dead shark was found in a Walmart shopping cart at Walmart in St. Augustine on Friday.

According to Associated Press, the authorities responded quickly after Walmart's assistant manager reported the unlikely sighting.

The caller said she didn't want to throw the animal in the trash so she called authorities instead.

After doing some investigation, the Florida deputies came across a man who said he was the one who placed the shark on the shopping cart after it mysteriously appeared on his RV hood.

The man, who remained anonymous, is from West Virginia. St Agustine News reported that according to the claim of the owner of the RV, he was in the area for work and he had no idea how the dead shark got in his RV.

However, he remembered hearing noises earlier that morning. He assumed it was just the employees gathering carts so he ignored it.

The report added that Deputy Blake Gruny and his team estimate that the shark was around four to five feet. In an attempt to figure out the enigmatic appearance of the dead shark, they went to the surveillance tape and looked for some evidence. However, the security cameras did not cover the parking lot.

Daily Mail said that the incident occurred just hours after they got a call reporting another dead shark on a driveway in Vilano Beach.

Authorities are still looking into this incident. They also called in the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission to dispose of the shark.

Meanwhile, News4Jax did some research and asked an expert to unlock the case themselves.

Dr. Jim Gelsleichter, an associate professor of biology at the University of North Florida, said the incident is definitely uncommon.

"The shark looked to be unusual, it was very wrinkly, so it looked like it may have been in someone's freezer and freezer-burned, or perhaps it dried out," Gelsleichter said.

The professor suspects that whoever had the shark originally did not want it so he decided to throw it on someone else's car.

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