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WATCH: Jumping Dolphin Slams Onto Australian Surfer

Mar 11, 2017 05:40 AM EST

A dolphin has been filmed jumping through the air and slamming onto an unsuspecting surfer. The incident occurred in the waters off Duranbah in the Gold Coast.

"You see that, he landed on my head, shoulder and back," surfer Sam Yoon told 9NEWS.

People who have seen the video noted that the dolphin somehow made its effort to avoid the clash, but it was already too late. On the video, the dolphin was seen attempting to push his weight on the right to avoid the surfer.

"After it happened, you know what, they communicated to each other that every time I'm paddling they coming, they supposed to jump, they would be getting away from me," Yoon said.

While the dolphin landed squarely on top of the surfer, Yoon did not suffer from any injury.

United Press International said that a pod of dolphins were also filmed leaping through the air along with some surfers late last month at New South Wales' Tallow Beach. Fortunately, no body slamming has occurred.

According to the Department of the Environment and Energy of the Australian Government, the Australian waters is home to many marine species -- at least 45 species of whales, dolphins and porpoises; including 10 large whales, 20 smaller whales, 14 dolphins and one porpoise.

They currently have protection programs and plans to ensure that these species are not harmed and conserved.

Dolphins belong to a group of mammals called cetaceans. There are 43 species of dolphins found in the world -- 38 marine dolphins and five river dolphins. Whales and Dolphins Conservation reported that among the species of dolphins, river dolphins are the most endangered because they often live in areas threatened by human development.

Dolphins are intelligent and playful animals. They are generally friendly and live in social groups that could span to hundreds.

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