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Charges Filed Against Homeowner Who Left 40 Animals in 'Appaling Condition'

Mar 08, 2017 05:28 AM EST

Forty animals in a neglectful state at a Fletcher residence have been seized by deputies.

The deputies went to the house for a health and welfare check on the animals after they received a call from an anonymous source who said a family had moved out of a home and left their animals without care.
Upon arriving at the 54 Maxwell Dr., Fletcher, Saturday morning, the deputies found 28 different mixed-breed dogs, four puppies and eight cats left in "appalling" condition.

There was little food and water left for them to consume. Most of the animals appear to be sick and malnourished, with injuries, mange and intestinal parasites.

Fox Carolina noted that the owner of the house voluntarily surrendered the animals to the deputies. All the 40 animals are transported and turned over to the Henderson County Animal Shelter on Stoney Mountain Road to undergo veterinary care.

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The shelter is planning to place them for adoption once they are healthy and safe.

"They don't have a voice. Who's going to speak up for these guys, and say, 'You know, I'm in a horrible situation, please come and get me,'" said Sandi Vielbaum, with Henderson County's chapter of Brother Wolf Animal Rescue told North Carolina Local News.

Vielbaum added that it is fortunate that the caller reported the incident. "When you see a situation like this going on, don't wait until it's 40 animals, call, report it," Vielbaum added.

The owner was filed with criminal and civil charges.

Meanwhile, in Lauderdale County, a woman charged with aggravated animal cruelty and financial exploitation of her elderly landlord has been granted probation, provided that she can no longer own any animal, not even a fish.

Laura Fitterman Sherwood, Times Daily reported, was arrested in 2015 after animals living in deplorable condition was found in her home -- 25 horses and donkeys, 50 hamsters, two llamas, nine dogs, four cats, three birds and 161 rabbits.

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