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Study Observes 234 Peculiar Pulsing Signals From Space -- Could It Be Extraterrestrial Intelligence?

Mar 07, 2017 10:04 AM EST
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Strange pulsing signals were detected from 234 stars out of 2.5 million samples. Researchers are still trying to find out their origin that could even be extraterrestrial intelligence trying to communicate with Earth.
(Photo : The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences /Getty Images)

Another discussion on whether or not extraterrestrials exist is being debated after 234 strange pulsing signals from space were detected. The large number of unknown signals still bewilders scientists and astronomers who are all trying to find the origin of the signals detected.

The 234 stars were found to emit peculiar pulsing signals out of the 2.5 million samples from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. Two astronomers conducted the study that revealed the mysterious signals.

Because the signals are unknown to men, some say that these are signals from intelligent beings who are trying to communicate with Earth. However, some researchers and astronomers highly doubt aliens are the likely source of the peculiar pulsing signals. According to them, there is a more logical rationalization to the signals that can soon be explained. This is where the division between skeptics and believers comes in.

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Scientists are baffled by the fact that the origin of the pulsing signals is still unknown since no instrumental or data analysis could have caused the signal because the signal-to-noise ratio predicted that it should be detected in the brightest object. However, for this study, this is not the case.

Despite the mysterious origin of the peculiar pulsing signals, the researchers are considering some possibilities. It includes rational transitions in molecules or rapid pulsations and the Fourier transform of signals that could be generated by Extraterrestrial Intelligence (ETI).

The possibility that these peculiar pulsing comes from light pulses produced by extraterrestrials is also considered. The light pulses were previously presented in another study and were mentioned in the paper as another potential source.

"We find that the detected signals have exactly the shape of an ETI signal predicted in the previous publication and are therefore in agreement with this hypothesis," Ermanno F. Borra said in a press release.

In the end, some argue that there are two choices as to what the phenomena are all about. It could be that the stars are very strange or that aliens are trying to contact the Earth, according to

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