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The Real Ghostbusters: CERN Disproves the Existence of Ghosts

Mar 03, 2017 12:37 PM EST

There are certain things that science just can't prove or disprove. The supernatural -- ghosts, in particular -- used to be one of them, but physicist Brian Cox recently went on record saying that the existence of ghosts have already been disproven.

Cox, in the BBC radio program The Infinite Monkey Cage, pointed out that the European Organization for Nuclear Research's (CERN) Large Hadron Collider (LHC) would have detected any particle left of the human body if it does exists, according to a report from Outer Places.

"If we want some sort of pattern that carries information about our living cells to persist then we must specify precisely what medium carries that pattern and how it interacts with the matter particles out of which our bodies are made," Cox explained, in a conversaion about ghosts with fellow physicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

He continued that an extension to the Standard Model of Particle Physics that the Large Hardron Collider (LHC) could not detect must be invented.

"That's almost inconceivable at the energy scales typical of the particle interactions in our bodies," Cox noted.

Located in the French-Swiss border in Europe, the LHC is the largest and most powerful particle accelerator in the the world. It produces high-energy beams traveling nearly at the speed of light, which then collides. The results of the collision are recorded by the accellerator.

Because the LHC observes particles at an extremely tiny scale, Cox believes that any paranormal energy that exists would have been detected by the machine at one point or another. Furthermore, no type of energy or particle has ever been proven to carry human consciousness after death.

Science has (unofficially) spoken, but its unknown if people will take this as conclusive.

A report in Pew Research last 2015 revealed that a considerable chunk of Americans believe in ghosts. The 2009 survey showed that 18 percent of Americans say they've seen or been in the presence of ghosts, while 29 percent say they've been in touch with the dead.

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