California is fighting climate change by its intent to use 100 percent clean, renewable energy by the year 2045. The decision is, perhaps, the most ambitious attempt any state has made considering the strong resistance of coal companies -- and even legislation -- regarding green energy.

The said bill is courtesy of California Senate Leader Kevin de Leon. The new bill requires California to get 100 percent of its energy from green sources by 2045.

According to a report from The Desert Sun, California has been a world leader when it comes to limiting global warming, thanks to the support of Gov. Jerry Brown. Sen. De Leon's plan to go full-renewable by 2045 could cement this dream.

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SB-584 California Renewables Portfolio Standard Program also plans for California to be 50 percent dependent on renewables by 2025, which is five years earlier under the current law. It is not yet clear whether De Leon will push through with his proposal, but since his announcement, it seems there is no turning back.

So far, only Hawaii has a law that requires the usage of 100 percent green power by 2045, the same deadline as the California Bill.

The new bill can fly straight opposite President Donald Trump's agenda, USA Today reports. Trump has repeatedly said that global warming is a "hoax" despite scientific evidence backing the claim. Instead, Trump announced that he will back up the coal industry as it will create more jobs.

Despite Turmp's statements, California is still pushing its green energy goal. In 2016, the state has already got 27 percent of its electrical grid's storage from renewables such as solar, wind and other clean sources. The goal seems ambitious but it is possible, considering that clean energy is becoming cheaper and more accessible.

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