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Answer to China's Pollution: Beijing Cuts Coal Use by 30 Percent in 2017

Feb 23, 2017 11:13 AM EST

Beijing is on its way to make more changes to fight its worsening pollution. As a part of its campaign to utilize more renewable power sources, China's capital city said it will cut down its coal use by 30 percent this year.

Beijing's mayor Cai Qi has announced that the government will cut coal use and help 700 villages use clean, renewable energy. If all goes according to plan, six major districts in Beijing will have zero coal usage, which will dramatically slash down the country's coal power consumption by 30 percent, Independent reports.

“We will try to basically realise zero coal use in six major districts and in Beijing’s southern plain areas this year,” Mayor Cai said. “We will slash coal use by 30 percent to less than seven million tonnes in 2017,”

However, Beijing's efforts to minimize pollution doesn't end there. The capital has also announced its plan to remove 300,000 old cars in the city and promote the usage of electric vehicles.

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Back in 2014, the country has already announced its plan to ban coal use by the year 2020. And according to Clean Technica, the capital is intent to follow its goal. Last year, the city has closed four major coal power plants. The Municipal Environmental Bureau also said that they will be shutting down cement plants as well.

China's projected coal usage will be cut to 7 million tonnes by the end of the year. This will hopefully alleviate the pollution in the country and will also put China at the forefont of the "clean energy revolution," making it an inspiration to other countries who want to switch to clean energy.

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