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Small but Terrible! Watch How This Tiny Spider Killed a Snake 10 Times Its Size

Feb 19, 2017 06:24 AM EST
Redback spider
Only the female Redback is considered dangerous, with their venom containing neurotoxins, which works very slowly. Fatalities, even from untreated bites, are rare. Australia is home to some of the most deadly and poisonous animals on earth.
(Photo : Ian Waldie/Getty Images)

What happens when one of the most venomous spiders goes head to head with one of the deadliest snakes?

A video posted by North Vic Engines Cobram shows a battle between a redback spider and a brown snake.

And while the snake obviously has a length advantage, it did not matter, as the spider's fatal bite killed it in one shot.

As mentioned by CBS News, some skeptics claimed the snake was caught on a fish hook, which made it unable to defend itself from the spider. The next day, however, Brenton Maher who was able to witness the heart pounding battle took to Facebook to discredit the claims, posting another video of a snake which was also defeated by a spider, judging from how it was tangled up in a spider web.

While spiders and snakes are common in the area, Australian Reptile Park's Michael Tate advises that people who are met with this kind of spectacle should not intervene as baby snakes are as venomous as adult snakes.

"If you were lucky enough to observe this, don't intervene. Baby snakes are just as toxic as adult one's, so just stand back and let nature take its course," he told Daily Mail Australia.

Redback spiders (Latrodectus hasselti) belong to the Family Theridiidae, which is found worldwide. It is often mistaken as the "black widow," because of their similar features, except the redback has a dorsal stripe on its back.

But not all redback spiders are dangerous. Only female redback spiders are.

National Geographic notes that the redback in the spider is a female, which probably explains why it ended up victorious. Their venom contains a protein, called latrodectine, which makes their prey unable to move. In humans, their venom may cause severe systemic pain on the whole body.

A bite from an Eastern brown snake meanwhile, can kill a human in 15 minutes. But as mentioned by the news site, the snake in the video probably lost because of its "youth."

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