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130-Pound Tumor Removed From Man Who'd Been Told It's Just Fat

Feb 08, 2017 11:43 AM EST

Doctors told him he was just fat, but it turned out he actually has a 130-pound tumor. Roger Logan, 57, had the non-cancerous growth removed on Jan. 31 at Bakersfield Memorial Hospital.

For decades, Logan went to see several physicians and they had the same answer, which is it's just because he is fat. Other surgeons had determined that Logan's 130-pound mass was hopeless.

"They said, ‘You're just fat,' " Logan told ABC 23 in an interview. The man from Mississippi said carrying the tumor is like carrying bags of cement that it actually touched the floor because of its weight.

"I used to equate it, you just put a strap around your neck and carry three bags of cement around with you all day long, just swinging," he said. For years, he lived sitting in an oversized armchair, until they have found Dr. Vipul Dev, who had operated someone with a similar case before.

Chicago Tribune said Logan and his wife had to endure a 40-hour trip to Central California to finally get the operation started. The surgery successfully removed the mass. And it is only after the surgery that they found out that it was actually a tumor.

"We're fortunate to have a facility like this where we can do this kind of surgery with very little or no complications," Logan told CNN.

According to Bakersfield, Logan developed the tumor on his lower stomach 12 years ago. Dr. Dev said the growth most likely started as an ingrown hair that became infected and developed its own blood supply. The report added that in two weeks, Logan can be discharged and he can start doing the hobbies he stopped doing because of his previous situation.

"My feet are together. They haven't been together in years," Logan said. "I never want to see that armchair again."

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