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Project Plans to Plant 3 Million Trees in Greater Manchester in 25 Years -- One for Every Citizen!

Feb 02, 2017 07:12 AM EST

A project is planning to plant three million trees in Greater Manchester -- equivalent to every man, woman and child -- for the next 25 years. This project, called the City of Trees initiative, hopes that the effort will not only help make the region "green" but also bolster the overall understanding of its citizens on how nature interacts with society.

According to BBC, the project will prove beneficial psychologically and biologically. It will help in improving the region's air quality and the amount of time shoppers spend in retail areas. It will also reduce stress in citizens and test how the trees reduce flooding in built-up areas.

Tony Hothersall, City of Trees director, explained how the City of Trees initiative has three main objectives that it wants to fulfill within a 25-year time frame. First, to plant three million trees -- each for every man, woman and child living in the region. Second, to bring existing woodland into "management" because there is "no point" in planting new woodland if managing them is not possible. And lastly, to engage people "a lot" in their natural environment. This means teaching locals how to plant and manage trees, as well as understanding the benefits that trees and woodlands bring to the society.

Hothersall also explained that the team plans to plant all the trees in the Greater Manchester area. People who are interested in the initiative can check the official website of the project. The team behind the initiative will work with various partners and landowners to identify parcels of land for tree planting. There will also be a focus on tree planting on streets, in parks and in private gardens.

Manchester's City of Trees is to raise awareness, especially for policymakers, about the roles trees play in supporting and improving urban development areas.

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