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'Enhanced Humans' Now Wearing Implants for Diabetes Courtesy of Biohacking Company

Jan 31, 2017 04:00 AM EST
"Enhanced Humans" Now Wearing Implants For Diabetes, Courtesy of Biohacking Company
. A company, courtesy of Michael Brandt and Paul Benigeri, has created a new device that can revolutionize how humans manage their blood sugar levels.
(Photo : Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Now is the time for human enhancement. The time where humanity will be relying on implants for survival is coming upon us.

A company, courtesy of Michael Brandt and Paul Benigeri, has created a new device that can revolutionize how humans manage their blood sugar levels. A growing number of entrepreneurs and "biohackers" are slowly starting to use what is known as a continuous glucose monitor or CGM. These are worn under their skin for weeks, providing them information about their bodies.

CGMs have already been in the market about ten years ago but have only become extremely popular for the past few years. They are currently being prescribed by doctors to patients that have Type 1 and 2 Diabetes. They get to test glucose levels (the amount of sugar in one's blood) and send real-time results via a smart device. The CGMs collect data passively, painlessly and more efficiently.

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According to Business Insider, Brandt and Benigeri, both working on a new CGM at Nootrobox, are making their way towards "human enhancement." They are developing a direct-to-consumer line of nootropics of "smart drugs." Nootrobox notes that these smart drugs can improve cognition without relying on conventional practices.

For instance, instead of drinking coffee, consumers can swallow a pill that directly boosts clarity, energy and flow. The San Francisco start-up also doubles as a makeshift lab for biohacking experiments.

Business Insider said that the company is subscribing to what is called intermittent fasting, where humans go without food anywhere from hours to days.

In the same way that a Fitbit can be a motivational way to meet fitness goals, the same thing could be done with a CGM. These devices are built to be small and inconspicious, compared to being pricked by a Christmas tree needle.

Getting a CGM itself isn't easy if you're not diabetic. Patients usually need a doctor to prescribe them the device, with the patients going over the results with their physicians. As a result, the FDA has approved only a handful of CGM models.

At Nootrobox, the team even calls out their glucose levels as if it's a motivational competition. They believe that if they can access the data around their own glucose levels and be healthier, they can stave off obesity, diabetes and other life-threatening diseases in the future.

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