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NASA Meets Football: Astronaut Mark Kelly Gives Tips to Green Bay's Aaron Rogers

Jan 20, 2017 06:30 AM EST

Apparently, there are quite a few number of similarities between space and football. NASA recently enumerated what makes the two field somehow relatable.

While seasoned astronaut Mark Kelly shared his tips to top Green Bay player Aaron Rogers. The revelation was shared by the agency just before the Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl is one of the most anticipated events for football fans. But as it turns out, even pro players can learn a thing or two from NASA astronauts. While NASA strives to be on top of their space exploration programs, players journey on to reach the goal; the vision that according to the agency brings space and football together.

"Football players must be quick and powerful, honing the physical skills necessary for their unique positions," a NASA official said in a statement. "In space, maintaining physical fitness is a top priority, since astronauts will lose bone and muscle mass if they do not keep up their strength and conditioning, which will result in a reduced capacity to work in space."

Exercise is one thing that both the athletes and the astronauts can't live without. On the ISS alone, NASA says the crew must work out for two hours every day. Despite microgravity, the equipment was designed to function as usual by using straps and harnesses.

But players might also learn some tips and tricks from astronauts. Green Bay's Aaron Rogers, for example, may be able to perfectly execute his Hail Mary technique through an advice given to him by top NASA astronaut Mark Kelly, according to Fox News.

"His Hail Mary passes are like a spaceship re-entering orbit. We should start calling it the Hail Rodgers." NASA astronaut Mark Kelly said in an interview with Sports Illustrated. "Timing is everything and fortunately it is so cold in Green Bay there isn't significant re-entry heating," Kelly added.

This means the astronaut also has knowledge about the game aside from his space exploration expertise.

Aside from exercise, NASA says nutrition, communication, innovative technology, and teamwork is also important in both space and football.

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