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Behold, the King of Pigs!

Jan 11, 2017 08:40 AM EST

A new "Pig King" has been hailed at a competition in Henan's capital of Zhengzhou, China.

According to CCTV News, the pig which is 2.1 meters long and weighs 750 kilograms beat dozens of others who also joined the competition at the Yellow River Pig Breeding Base.

The contest was organized by a pig farming association in Huanghetan district of Zhengzhou city. Several local farmers sent their biggest and heaviest pigs in the venue, all of them weighed over 80 stone and have been raised for over two years. An average adult pig weighs around 22 stone.

The Shanghaiist reported that it is now three years old and while it should have been butchered and turned to a dish years ago, the owner wanted to find out how big will it grow.

According to Daily Mail, the owner of the female pig, who is only known as "Zhang," said her pig eats a lot and has grown to the size of a cow.

To put it in perspective, the pig is so big that it can carry an adult on the back, according to

The pig was one of the first farmyard animals to be domesticated. The Conversation reported that some evidence showed evidence that indicate pig domestication probably began in Eastern Turkey some 9-10,000 years ago and then, independently, several thousand years later in central China.

Despite their appearance, pigs are actually intelligent, emotional and cognitively complex. A review essay published last year by researchers Lori Marino and Christina M. Colvi found that pigs share many traits with animals that we consider intelligent, says Psychology Today. Further, pigs can easily adopt the traits of other pigs when put in a similar pen. Their review showed that when "naïve" pigs were placed in the same pen with trained pigs, they adopted the same emotional anticipatory behaviors such as anticipating rewards.

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