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Big and Adorable: Meet Freddy, The World's Tallest Dog

Jan 04, 2017 11:42 AM EST

Meet Freddy, the 7-foot-tall great dane named as the world's tallest dog.

In a public post, the owner of the dog, Claire Stoneman announced that the Guinness World Record Officials officially declared that Freddy has the title.

Reports said the organization has already recognized Freddy back in September, but it was only in December when it was allowed to be declared in public.

IB Times said Freddy lives in Leigh-on-Sea with his sister Fleur. Given his size, the 4-year-old dog also has a massive appetite. Stoneman spends almost £100 a week to feed him, and among his favorites are a whole roast chicken or peanut butter on toast.

Freddy had been with Stoneman since he was a pup.

"I got him a couple of weeks earlier than I should have done because he wasn't feeling off mum, so he was pretty poorly" she explained in an interview with the news site.

"He was half the size of Fleur when he was tiny so I had no idea he was going to be this big at all."

Freddy officially measures 40.75 inches tall. He reaches 7 feet, 5.5 inches when standing on his hind legs. He was so big that he can reach the cabinets to get his treats.

Huffington Post said his measurements come close to Zeus, who previously held the record at 44 inches tall and 7 feet, 4 inches on his hind legs. Zeus passed away in 2011 at the age of five.

Great Danes, according to American Kennel Club are generally loving and devoted dogs, making them ideal as a family companion. They have a majestic stance given their well formed and muscular body.

Their incredible physical and mental characteristics make them admirable and almost unique among dog breeds. In early years, they are developed as boar hounds by Germans.

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