Florida is home to many out-of-this world species, and the latest is an outfit-wearing alligator named Rambo who is currently residing in Lakeland.

As per United Press International, the nearly six-foot animal has been under the care of a woman named Mary Thorn, 55 for 12 years.

Because the alligator had been kept in a dark closet prior to his rescue, he had developed skin condition which made him sensitive to light. Thus, in order to prevent sunburn, Thorn had made the gator wear costumes.

Since then, Rambo had become sort of a celebrity in the area. He would often be seen in charity events, taking photos with people and doing antics to entertain people such as riding in an ATV.

However, last year, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) held an investigation because supposedly all alligators longer than four feet are required to have 2.5 acres of land available to them. Thorn's home is only about a third of an acre.

Fortunately, Thorn's lawyer, Spencer Sheehan, told ABC News on December 21 that after months of negotiating with the FWC, Thorn was finally allowed to keep Rambo. Except, Rambo is not allowed to go to exhibits and other social events anymore and that he is required to have his mouth taped whenever going out.

"It's a little unfortunate because Rambo has brought a lot of joy to the community, but [Thorn] is of course very happy she isn't losing him," Sheehan told ABC News.

Rambo will have a passive integrated transponder tag, which is used by veterinarians for identifying household pets.

Thorn meanwhile told the Sentinel she has no plans to replace him to save her business.

"I don't want people thinking they can have alligators for pets," Thorn told The Ledger in a separate interview.

"Rambo is special, he isn't like other alligators," she added.