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The Witcher Devs Get $7M in Government Funding to Research Multiplayer, City Creation With AI

Dec 20, 2016 06:52 AM EST

The gaming community is in for another breakthrough. The Polish government has just given The Witcher developer CD Projekt RED the largest share of a research grant for driving game development in the country.

The company is known to have applied for these grants as early as September, and it appears their efforts pushed through. CD Projekt RED has four proposals, all perhaps tied into their latest project, Cyberpunk 2077.

According to Game Zone, the company applied for grants for four different aspects of development.

First is city creation, in what appears to be comprehensive technology to create "live" cities that are playable in real-time based on the principles of AI and automation.

The company also wants assistance in "seamless" multiplayer, including opponent search, session management, replication facilities and game mode support.

The project may also have a unique "film-quality" RPG in an open world, and a significant boost in the quality and production of complex face and body animations for their own story.

According to Game Zone, the company also submitted an additional proposal for their DRM-free digital games distribution platform, It appears the company wants to push through an app that will allow console and PC gamers to play against one another or something to that effect.

As for the four main proposals, two that stand out are City Creation and Seamless Multiplayer modes. According to Game Zone, while players are already aware of CD Projekt RED's ability to create massively vibrant cities as seen in The Witcher 3, "Seamless Multiplayer" is a new venture for the company. 

Meanwhile, this is a strong move on behalf of the Polish government, especially if they have goals to bolster their research on artificial intelligence. After all, AI has been widely used in gaming concepts and have paved way to some of the hallmarks of recent gaming.

It also appears this is a push to further acknowledge the impact of the gaming industry in the development of current technologies, as Poland appears to be one of the very few (if not the only) countries to provide grants to video game developers.

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