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Brits Sent The First 'Pie' in Space -- Watch the Amazing Footage Here

Dec 20, 2016 04:19 AM EST

Many unusual items have reached space but people are not running out of ideas; recently the first "pie" lifted off from the ground and managed to reach an altitude of 29 miles. An onboard camera captured the journey and the footage is nothing short of amazing.

The potato pie was sent floating into the air to promote the World Pie Eating Championships. The pie reached the stratosphere to the point where only privileged few were able to reach.

The first "pie in space" was launched from Wigan, North-West England. Responsible for capturing the odd space traveler is the camera and tracking device sent together with the pie. SentIntoSpace is a group of space enthusiasts and they are the ones responsible for gearing up the pie for its space flight.

The journey was also launched to see if the travel would influence the pie's molecular structure making it easier to eat. Initially, some theories suggest that the pie might freeze on its way up and that the re-entry might speed up the cooking process. Yes, it was sent to fly on top of what seems to be a cooking contraption allowing the cooking process to take place mid-air.

"This is the first step to enable mankind to consume pies with more elegance and comfort. Neither the sky, nor the pie, should be the limit," Bill Kenyon, the pie maker from Ultimate Purveyors from St Helens said in a statement.

The result is not totally devastating. The experiment tested the limits of the pie who did not fell short of the expected altitude. It was able to reach 29 miles, which, under NASA standards is still within the boundaries of the Earth.

Despite that, the onboard camera still managed to get an amazing footage of the pie above the clouds and with the planet Earth's horizon as its background and that itself is a stunning sight to behold. The pie stayed afloat for two hours before landing 38 miles away near the Forest of Bowland, according to a report.

SentIntoSpace has been launching different things into space using weather balloons in the hopes to produce breathtaking videos. It already managed to send a Teddy bear into space. They also offer packages for curriculum base projects focuses on making learning enjoyable for students and teachers alike.

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