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Trump Team Member Compares Climate Change With Flat-Earth Theory, Continues to Cast Cloud of Fear

Dec 15, 2016 10:56 AM EST
President Elect Donald Trump
Early this year, it was reported that Trump has ordered EPA to take down all information and research about climate change on their webpage and replace it with "America First" energy plan.
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President-elect Donald Trump has long spoken up against climate change claiming it is nothing but a hoax. It appears that even Trump's team members are following his lead as one of his advisers likened climate change with the theory that the Earth was flat.

"I know that the current president believes that human beings are affecting the climate," stated Anthony Scaramucci on CNN's "New Day" program, as per The Washington Post. "There are scientists that believe that that's not happening."

Scaramucci is the member of the president-elect's presidential transition team executive committee and the founder of SkyBridge Capital. He is also the co-host of Fox Business Network's program, "Wall Street Week."

"There was an overwhelming science that the earth was flat and there was an overwhelming science that we were the center of the world. We get a lot of things wrong in the scientific community," added Scaramucci.

The statements made by Trump's adviser have of course affected the scientific community who are closely studying the effects of climate change and actively looking for ways to solve the problems caused by global warming.

"They're scared," explained Anthony Reardon via ABC News. "They are concerned that because they've worked on certain projects because they've gone to certain meetings - they're concerned that they could be looked at unfavorably and that it could hurt their careers."

Scientists across the country have made their move to preserve public data on climate change. The preservation of data even includes those saved on government servers. To this day, the effort continues as the data sets are quite large and can take days to save.

Chaos has even spread further due to reports that Trump's campaign adviser has ordered NASA to spend less on climate change programs and more on space exploration. This report has caused worry among scientists at the space agency, The Daily Caller reports.

NASA scientists also worry that there would be censorship of climate science, as this happened during the Bush administration. It would be likely that Trump's administration would follow suit. As for Trump and his surrogates, they continue to broadcast their skepticism on climate change and global warming.

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