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Looks Count: 'Ugly Animals' Don't Get Much Donations as Cute Ones Do, Study Shows

Dec 12, 2016 09:16 AM EST

It seems people are subconsciously subjective when it comes to saving animals, and this can significantly affect these animals' lives and future.

According to studies, cute and adorable animals have better chances of survival than "ugly animals," and this is because it is easier to get funding and donations when the animals in danger are just too cute to go extinct. This unusual phenomenon is what scientists call as that "charity beauty premium". It is an incident for which donors favor much attractive species of animals like polar bears and giraffes than those less attractive ones like snakes.

According to a study, the time it takes for a person to think about the recipient affects their decision making in donating. A poll has been given to survey attendees where they are asked to select one from a set of pictures of endangered species if they are given the chance to donate.

It has been found that when given less than ten seconds to think, it is in the intuition of any person to choose the most attractive animal. However, when they are given a longer time to think they make much better decisions and provide help for other animals which are in more need.

The popular science website has featured a global campaign to save the world's 'ugliest' endangered animals known as the 'Ugly Animals Conservation Society'. This group has been formed in the hopes of providing support and financial aid to fund the conservation of the lesser loved animals in the world.

The organization features creepy crawlies, amphibians, and reptiles that many people did not even know were endangered. There are also features of animals that are unfamiliar to many. This is a good platform for the conservation of any kind of organism on Earth as each provides a role to play in the balance of nature. 

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