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3D Printed Prosthetics: Student Makes Functioning Plastic Hand For Just $15

Dec 12, 2016 07:38 AM EST
3-D Printing May Be the Future of Prosthetic Science
3-D printing of prosthetics may be the future for medical science.
(Photo : John Phillips/Getty Images)

The 3D printing technology may be the next big thing for prosthetics science as open-source 3D printing templates are available on the internet. This means that anyone with a 3D printer will be able to download models, adjust, and improve them without charge. Since owning a prosthetic limb is quite expensive, this method of creating functional and affordable parts will definitely change the future.

A report from Science Daily has proved this to be true as a physics student has created a functional hand out of a 3D printer for just about $15. The prosthetic hand that he was able to 3D print can give the user not only the ability to grip and catch things but also the opportunity to write.

According to the report, the student was able to find free designs online and was able to print and assemble the prosthesis in just one day. He has then been modifying the design and furthering its capabilities so he could help those who are in need. He said that this particular prosthesis is best for people who can still move their wrist.

According to Tech Crunch, the technology of 3D printing will allow amputees all over the world to conceptualize, design, and create their own prosthesis at the comfort of their own home. And since prosthesis can take weeks to months before it is made and tailored for a specific user, 3D printing provides a more personalized approach to creating prosthesis.

Forbes reported that there are several organizations around the world that help in crowdfunding 3D prosthetics for people who lack access to the technology. For only a fraction of the cost, any person can have a new prosthesis that is not only easy to make but also durable.  

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