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Key Witness for Rendlesham Alien Mystery Finally Speaks Out, Confirms Object was a UFO

Dec 08, 2016 04:04 AM EST

After 38 years shrouded with speculations, the key witness, Steve Longero, finally spoke up regarding the controversial Rendlesham Mystery in the U.K.m saying that the object was an alien.

The alleged alien sighting happened in the early hours of December 26, 1980 at the Rendlesham Forest outside the RAF Woodbridge, which during that time, served as a base for the US Air Force. The incident involved a group of US servicemen who reported going into the woods to investigate mysterious lights, with some of them saying that it was a UFO, Telegraph reports.

The incident had been a point of debate and fascination to alien hunters and aficionados. Various attempts and theories have popped up over the years to explain the mystery, and now, a key witness to the case, former US serviceman Steve Longero who was based at the area, breaks his silence.

In an interview, with The Sun Longero said that he saw "something not from this world" in the forest. He even added that "it seemed like something watching us." Longero was present during the event as he was outside as a standing guard when the incident happened.

“While on duty that night, we had a very sophisticated alarm system and everything just went off," Longero recalled. "And then I could see these lights over the treetops, and I was thinking, what’s going on? Then they started sending people out there and at first it was hard to believe, all these bright lights. It was hard to take in."

He then described the UFO, saying, “They looked like fluorescent coloured lights, like red and green, glowing lights and that’s what they looked like.I could see them hovering over the treetops like an eye that was almost following everybody.”

Longero added that after seeing the glowing hot object, Colonel Charles Hat collected the servicemen for a quick plan of action.

With regard to previous theories saying that it could be a lighthouse, Longero debunked it, saying, "I don’t think so. Not unless the lighthouse could move. Unless they could float that thing in the air."

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