A strange artifact has been unearthed by Russians.

According to Daily Star, an ancient chest bearing the insignia of the Nazi Ahnenerbe was dug by workers in rural Southern Russia at the Kamennomostsky village in the Adygea region. It's not the first time a Nazi artifact was discovered in the rural Russia. But what caught the attention of Russia's Geographic Society is what's inside the chest --- strange skulls.

Australian Network News said the skulls were shown to expert Vladimir Malikov, who said that unlike human skull, the skulls found have no jaws and have a hole for the spine. Malikov confirmed that these skulls are similar to the skulls of aliens.

"What connects the skull with the activities of the Ahnenerbe organization is hard to say. But the fact is they were interested in places of power, such as dolmens. After all, they have some on German soil," said Igor Ogay, chief of the local branch of Russia's Geographic Society.

Archeology Archives note Ahnenerbe is a German word which means "something inherited from the forefathers." The official mission of the Ahnenerbe was to unearth new evidence of the accomplishments and deeds of their ancestors.

Ahnenerbe was a body created by Heinrich Himmler who is the "mastermind" behind the Holocaust, Headlines and Global News reported. The group believes that the earth was once ruled by "mythological Nordic race, characterised by fair skin, hair and eyes."

There have been a lot of claim of alien artifacts found on earth. Inquistr reported that on January, unidentified skulls were discovered at the remote Russian mountain range in the Caucasus. The report added that these fueled the speculations that Hitler and the Nazis were actively involved in a search for advanced alien technology during the Second World War.