A fleet of mysterious aircrafts hovering over the skies of Turkey on Nov. 27 has prompted a mass panic.

A video of the incident was posted on YouTube by user secureteam10 and most of the Internet agreed that it could be a cluster of UFOs. This year has been filled with massive UFO sighting and the event in Turkey is the latest addition.

The uploader said: "We had a fleet of these unknown lights that were appearing in multiple cities across the country of Turkey, causing mass panic for many people."

On the same night the video was uploaded, #ufoattackturkey trended on Twitterverse. The Event Chronicle reported that while the hashtag was trending, it was censored to some degree by Twitter and even Facebook and Youtube.

Daily Star reported that there were four or five fleets of lights spotted clustering together in various parts of the country.

As per Inquistr, the mysterious objects were very similar in appearance to the famous Phoenix Lights incident back in 1997. There were also a number of similar UFO sightings in Denver and Texas.

Some skeptics said the aircrafts could have been owned by the US who is working on a secret mission. Meanwhile, just recently, Malcolm Robinson, the founder of Strange Phenomena Investigations which carries out UFO & Paranormal research has revealed that government is not telling everything they know about aliens. As he claimed, they are not even telling half of the truth.

Are we really being invaded by aliens? While there is no guarantee if alien invasion will dawn upon us, experts have already weighed in with such possibility. Astronomers at the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute in California said extraterrestrials would not be just how we imagined them to be. No flesh, no bones, but super intelligent machines who are equipped with innovative technology that the earth has never heard of.