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Many-Interacting Worlds Theory May Prove that Parallel Universes Are Real and Interacting!

Nov 29, 2016 10:54 AM EST

It appears the realm of science fiction is about to be rocked. A revolutionary theory from a group of scientists appears to have proven the existence of parallel universe. And it seems they are interacting with each other.

This effectively challenges the status quo that there is only one singular universe, and that apparently a lot of universes coexist and even interact.Howard Wiseman and Michael Hall from Griffith University's Center for Quantum Dynamics and Dirk-Andre Deckert from the University of California are claiming that parallel universes are real and they influence each other through quantum mechanics.

According to Express, quantum theory is necessary to explain just how the multiverse works. However, taking the latest Richard Feynman's quote "I think I can safely say that nobody understands quantum mechanics," the three have taken a different approach.

Their "Many Interacting Worlds Theory" is inspired by the Many-Worlds Interpretation, which has been proposed since 1957. It states that each universe branches into other universes when a quantum measurement is made, therefore realising all possibilities. Meaning in one universe, the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs may have missed Earth.

However, Wiseman said in their study that the reality of these other universes are questioned because there is no proof that they are interacting with our own. To solve this, their new theory proposes that the universe is just one of many "gigantic" worlds that are sometimes similar and sometimes very different. 

All these worlds apparently are equally real and exist on the same timeline, and interact through a universal force of "repulsion" or bumping into each other. 

Hall said this approach can help researchers test the theory of multiverses.Interestingly, he said that if there is just "one" universe, then the theory is reduced to Newtonian mechanics, and if not it reproduces quantum mechanics. This in effect provides a new mental picture of quantum effects.  

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