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How Does 'Impossible' Fuel-Free Space Engine EmDrive Works? NASA Demonstrates

Nov 23, 2016 03:56 AM EST

Most people doubted NASA's impossible fuel-free engine and its capability to propel a spacecraft. But after peer review, scientists affirm that it is possible despite its tendency to defy the law of physics. To show how true is the theory, NASA demonstrated how its EmDrive works.

A paper was published by NASA Eagleworks to pursue further testing on the EmDrive because it is worth it and that it does work. The paper suggests that the theory behind the fuel-free engine can initiate spaceship propulsion in a vacuumed environment.

To propel a spacecraft, the EmDrive uses microwaves instead of fuel. The microwaves will have to bounce inside an enclosure in order to produce thrusts. The momentum from bouncing microwaves is said to be higher on one end of the engine making the thrusts available in the whole system.

In order to further show that the system works, engineers and scientists from Eagleworks conducted a demonstration also called a 'vacuum test campaign' in order to show that the theory works. In the experiment, they were able to generate a force using the methodology according to Engadget.

"Thrust data from forward, reverse, and null suggested that the system was consistently performing with a thrust-to-power ratio of 1.2 ± 0.1 mN/kW," according to the official results released by the Aerospace Research Central (ARC). Although meant to just test the theory in a controlled environment, this is a number higher than a thrust courtesy of a photon and considered a viable hope for the fuel-free engine.

Although the debate is still going on, with people and experts asking whether or not the method will work, the EmDrive already presented a very lucrative idea for faster space travel.

Some claim that the method might take humans to Mars in just 41 days. However, the paper is still not a tangible representation of the EmDrive fuel-free impossible space engine. It is still a method in theory until an actual fuel-free engine is produced and until further testing is conducted.


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