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New York Startup Sets Up 'Smart Roads' to Power Up Las Vegas Streetlights Via Footsteps, Solar Power

Nov 16, 2016 06:54 AM EST

A New York-based startup will be setting up new lights in Las Vegas, and you can power it yourself. The Vegas "kinetic tile" will be powered by solar energy during the day and by footsteps in the night.

EnGo Planet has built four streetlights at a Las Vegas intersection to test their new "kinetic tiles" system. Apparently, the four lights will be powered entirely by renewable energy. Solar will be lighting the streets every day, while footsteps will be responsible for its lighting every night. 

According to Popular Mechanics, the company said each step can generate "four to eight watts" of power. However, they did not specify just how many footsteps are needed to power their streetlights in full. 

The streetlights will also double as a Wi-Fi hotspot and charging station. This enables users to connect to the internet (maybe play a little Pokemon Go) and recharge their phones. However, the streetlights will also come with atmospheric and environmental sensors, as well as surveillance cameras. While the company has not elaborated on the use of such materials, they may open up some privacy issues. However, this can be addressed in a few discussions or so, depending on the results of the "trials."

Regardless, it appears EnGo planet is not the first to build kinetic-powered streetlights. Heathrow airport was graced with kinetic tiles by another startup called Pavegen in the 2014 Wolrd Cup. However, EnGo Planet was the first to connect it to their own devices.

They said if the Vegas trial period goes well, they are planning a large-scale installation. This can perhaps happen on the same Vegas strip, or even in parks in New York. Regardless, this opens up a ton of opportunities for renewable energy, solar power, and kinetic energy. Not to mention entire marathons could be conducted to power up entire cities given the right amount of leverage.

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