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Watch: Video Shows 2 Alleged UFOs Flying Past the November Supermoon

Nov 15, 2016 04:00 AM EST

On November 14, the whole world all looked up to the sky to get a good look at the majestic November supermoon or beaver moon, which is said to be the biggest one in 69 years. However, apart from the stunning photos of the full moon, alien hunters also spotted something peculiar even days before -- two alleged UFOs swiftly passing by the moon.

According to a report from Express, the Rondomon YouTube channel uploaded a video of two unidentified objects passing by the moon on Nov. 12. The event happened quickly, and the two circular objects passed one after the other.

"After zooming in on the moon I walk away and sure enough UFOs start flying by," the cameraman could be heard saying in the video.

Meanwhile, Scott C, a renowned UFO blogger, believes that two identified objects passing the moon are indeed alien technology.

"This is odd. A UFO in orbit that has a haze mist around it. The object is solid, because if it was transparent, we would see the light of the moon through it," he said. "I believe that the field around it is due to the alien propulsion, because the haze has been seen in thousands of UFO photos before."

However, others have some doubts if they are indeed UFOs. A YouTube user even commented, "You caught something close passing by. Looks like a leaf. Before uploading these 'UFO' recordings, you should make sure the blur of the object in question closer matches the blur of the moon."

"You can tell what you caught on film was way too close to be in space because the focus was way off. So, by all accounts, it is the definition of a UFO, but it really just looks like a leaf blowing in the wind," he added.

In other parts of the world, alien hunters also claim to have spotted an alleged UFO disc burning in Lima, Peru. Locals witnessed the bright orb leaving a trail of light in the in the sky.

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