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Artificial Intelligence Could Not Replace CEOs...Yet, Study Says

Nov 14, 2016 04:06 AM EST

The major advancement on artificial intelligence have made experts predict the future of humanity, where robots could not only ease everyday living but also take away employment opportunities. However, a McKinsey report reveals that despite the fear of robots taking over jobs, CEOs could not be replaced by robots (yet).

According to McKinsey, artificial intelligence could indeed eliminate some jobs but only a very few occupations in the next decade. It might affect parts of a certain job, but not the entire position.

The report noted that new development on artificial intelligence would enable robots to take over knowledge-driven work (e.g., finance, healthcare) rather than technical, routine manpower.

However, despite these, Smithsonian notes that CEOs should not fear for their job yet as their position includes a judgmental function that AIs are not capable of doing just yet.

The outlet adds that a Deloitte report also said that in looking for potential candidates for a job, employers are not only considering the technical skills but are mostly honing on "soft skills" such as cultural competence and communication skills, which shows the candidate's flexibility and adaptability in various workplace scenarios.

At the end of the day, Smithsonian notes that it's still up to humanity on how to use robots and machines in the workplace as humans are the one's capable of interpreting emotions and having ethical judgement.

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