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Under the Microscope: Babies in Weird But Astonishing Forms

Nov 14, 2016 04:34 AM EST

Yes, babies are cute and cuddly, and they are one of the most beautiful things that parents cherish and are proud of. But can you imagine babies with hornlike head gears, spikes, or even a glow-in-the-dark characteristic? You'll be needing microscopes.

Microscopic animals, including unicellular organisms, are not visible to our naked eye. They exist with humans, and they are alive as well and reproduce, resulting in cute and interesting-looking babies of their own.

Through a group of experts and the innovative camera shots of the Photo Researchers Inc., several animals from the micro-world have been featured in their captivating and most photogenic angles. The photos were featured in an article in the National Geographic, showing different organisms under the microscope. Among the featured photos were the larval stages of Daphnia, Bacteriophages, Dinoflagellates, and Rotifers.

View here: Photos of Microscopic Organisms from the Photo Researchers Inc. through National Geographic

The Daphnia are water flea crustaceans which are around 0.01 inch long. With the presence of predators, they can change their bodies into a bigger, spiky body as their response mechanism. Daphnia can also grow spines and even helmets and crests, making them a not-so-delicious-looking prey.

Bacteriophages are "good" viruses that resemble the lunar lander. They are good in such a way that they attack E.coli and salmonella which are harmful to the human body. Meanwhile, Dinoflagellates have horn-like structures in their body as well as a shell. They cause red tides, but aside from that, they can also serve as a bio indicator by showing bioluminescence on disturbed sea water. As for Rotifers, they simply have a thousand cells and jaws, and just imagine how they look like.

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