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See How Bad India's Smog is From Space

Nov 14, 2016 04:00 AM EST
Allison Joyce/Getty Image
DELHI, INDIA - NOVEMBER 7: People stand in a park amid heavy dust and smog November 7, 2016 in Delhi, India. People in India's capital city are struggling with heavily polluted air after low winds, holiday fireworks residue and crop-burning in neighboring states contribute to the haze, which has reduced visibility to 400 meters. The pollution levels have risen to 15 times more then the safe limit, news reports said. Thousands of schools have been ordered closed, cricket matches canceled and residents warned to stay inside. The US embassy has said that it is 'very concerned' about the impact of the pollution on Americans living in Delhi and the public at large.
(Photo : Allison Joyce/Getty Images)

India was called the most polluted city in the world after smog enveloped New Delhi right after the Diwali festival. Many attribute the pollution to the festivity, but experts, including NASA, insist that there is a deeper cause to the pollution in the Indian city.

As evidence of the smog's unfortunate condition, it is even visible from space. NASA released a series of photographs showing the unfortunate level of air pollution in India. NASA usually captures fog in the said area, but today, fog is mixed with smog, a proof that the pollution is so bad.

It has been weeks since the Diwali festival but the signs are still visible. It is understandable why some residents blame the pollution to the festival that entails lighting fireworks and firecrackers. But to create a result so devastating to be seen from outer space, the cause would be bigger than a single annual celebration.

 Reports say that aside from the images taken by NASA, the air in New Delhi reached hazardous level. The air quality index reached 999; a number which is frighteningly sixteen times higher than the safe zone based on the standards of the World Health Organization (WHO). One of the most polluted readings in China is only at 298.

In order captured the condition of air pollution in India, or any other part of the Earth, NASA uses its Worldview tool. This can show the movement of clouds, fog and apparently even smog.

NASA tracked the smog in the area and based on its movements, the smog is moving from Lahore in Pakistan and to Agra in India, according to a repot by Huffington Post. Due to the alarming air quality index, the Indian government was forced to declare a state of emergency.

But experts argue that aside from the firecrackers lit during the festival, the excessive burning of crops caused the worsening state of New Delhi's air quality index. It is also not a secret how some of the practices in India, contribute to the countrywide pollution problem.

Reports say the smog refuses to clear, this means residents will continue to suffer due to some practices that contribute to the worsening air pollution in New Delhi.


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