With the numerous theories that exist trying to explain extra-terrestrial life, one of the theories that have been thought of decades ago is now being revisited by experts. Exploring the said concept, some physicist and experts now stand behind the idea that probably, it's hard for us humans to track and locate aliens because they are intelligent enough to be "unseen," making planet Earth and all its living things as their observatory and "sanctuary" that is closely being monitored.

Based on a 1973 concept of MIT astronomer John Ball, better known as the Zoo Hypothesis, he tried to create a scenario wherein extra-terrestrial life is considered more intelligent than humans, or too elite, which is enough for them to ignore us. Of lowly life and standing, the Earth then ended up as a "cosmic zoo" or a "wildlife sanctuary" wherein these intellectual aliens are monitoring us from afar and probably studying our progress and behavior. These aliens probably chose not to disturb mankind so that things will just flow as they should be.

As seen by other specialists, the Zoo Hypothesis does make sense, especially when we think of how man has actually advanced through the past century. If it took us that long, there are also chances that other civilizations, which they call "OC," could be one step ahead of us or even one millennium advanced. No one can tell, but if man was able to show progress, then aliens can probably progress too.

Alien existence, if they truly existed thousands of years earlier than us, is another angle pointed out in this theory. If mankind was able to reach this kind of technology for the past centuries, then extra-terrestrial communities that started to live far earlier than man could be so advanced with their technology today, making us really behind all of their developments and again proving possible evidence that we are their cosmic zoo.

But on the other hand, theories that provide light to alien existence under the Fermi Paradox look at a different side of advancement. Concepts that there might also be some other alien groups that are at their primitive stages, just like how man started from the ice age too, were ideas noted to exist. They could be 100 years or one millennium behind us, and it's just that we are lucky enough that we are not in the last slot, hopefully.