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New Simulation Shows Possibility of 100% Renewable Energy Worldwide

Nov 11, 2016 05:10 AM EST

It seems a pure renewable world is at our fingertips. A new simulation has shown the possibility of going full renewable energy worldwide, removing any need for fossil fuel-based electricity. 

A new model developed by the Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) showed such a system that is mainly based on solar and wind power. This model works on all regions in the world, in a way that fulfills the targets that were set by the Paris agreement - and by only using renewable energy sources.

This global Internet of Energy Model uses a 100 percent renewable energy stem for the electricity sector by 2030. It appears to be possible worldwide. According to Eurekalert, the model organized their iteration of the world into 145 regions, aggregated into nine major world regions

Christian Beyer, one of the lead scientists from LUT, said this is the first time that scientists were able to use such a system. The model is designed to find the most economical solution for such a system, and to allocate for all the hours of the year. It seems the model also covers the best renewable energy generation, storage and transmission mixes for all regions.

This means the total electricity cost would be around roughly 55 to 70 euros per megawatt-hour for all nine major regions worldwide.

However, the team has more ambitions for their model. Upgrades will go from looking at the electricity sector to the full energy sector, such as heat and mobility. This means the system can transition from simply a view of the current electricity system into a more sustainable one.

The model will also debunk myths that renewable energy is not sustainable because sun and wind power isn't met all the time. Another myth also said this cannot work without coal or nuclear plants. According to research, the model disproves both myths.

Anyone can also download the result data for further inspection. The team also wants everyone to be more familiar about how a system can work, which can help lessen resistance towards new developments.

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