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UK Can Finally Go Full Wind Power, Experts Claim

Nov 10, 2016 06:51 AM EST
UK can now go full wind power, experts claim
It may well be time for the United Kingdom to run on full wind power, said Dong Energy, its largest wind farm operator.
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According to the UK's largest wind farm operator, it may well be time for the United Kingdom to run on full wind power as its plans to sell its "oil and gas" division. 

Dong Energy's chief executive is planning to sell its oil and gas division after claiming the UK has already met an inflection point, meaning the country is at its point where its wind energy is enough to sustain the entire country's energy needs.

According to the Guardian, Dong Energy's sale may underpin its plan to become the global leader in renewable energy. This is 44 years after the company was set up to use Denmark's North Sea oil fields.

Henrik Poulsen said the lowering cost of green energy is growing evidence that wind and solar power could replace fossil fuels quicker than what was anticipated. He added that 10 years from now, the cost of wind and solar power would be coming down at a speed that no one could ever anticipate. This is what he calls an "inflection point."

It can be remembered that Dong Energy is the country's largest wind farm operator with projects that can produce five gigawatts (5 GW) of energy. This is more than the planned Hinkley Point C nuclear reactors.

Advanced in the energy industry may mean that the United Kingdom may soon only have to rely on wind power. Poulsen added that "combining" different forms of energy aside, wind power will still dominate the mix. He said wind energy can easily account for more than 50 percent of UK's future electricity needs.

Wind power is often criticized for its lack of power and that it cannot meet UK's energy demands. However, improvements in energy storage may mean that even the driest of seasons can mean power supply, provided the winds blew days and months before.

Dong Energy said seeking buyers for its North Sea oil and gas business isn't simply a financial matter. It's a statement that shows their vision and strategy that renewable power, especially wind, may be the way to go.  

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