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Gas From Rotten Eggs 'Stink Bomb' Can Reverse Heart Disease

Nov 09, 2016 04:40 AM EST
Rotten Egg Smell Could Reverse Heart Disease

(Photo : Adam Berry)

The gas emitted from rotten eggs could reverse heart disease in diabetic patients. Hydrogen sulfide, which is used in stink bombs, repairs the damage done to the inner lining of blood vessels, according to scientists at Exeter University.

The damage occurs when the cells are exposed to high levels of blood sugar for a long time and results in inflammation, eventually restricting the flow of blood to vital organs like the heart. This, in turn, raises the chances of heart attack. By injecting a drug containing rotten egg gas into the damaged cells, the inflammation is alleviated and restores the health of the blood vessels.

The medication by the name of AP123 has been tested on mice so far and scientists will start testing the drugs on humans in the next few years. The Exter team injected tiny quantities of the drug into the mitochondria of mice and they found that it slowly started releasing hydrogen sulphide for days or even weeks.

Over 3.8 million people in the UK alone have diabetes, according to a recent press release by Public Health England. This translates to 9 percent of the adult population. Out of this, a majority of them suffer from Type 2, normally caused by an unhealthy lifestyle and diet. On the other hand, Type 1 is not linked to the lifestyle and sets on in childhood on account of the malfunctioning of the immune system.

However, all diabetic patients stand at a risk of getting their blood vessels damaged since the pancreas fails to produce insulin totally or its output declines drastically. If the level of insulin in the body is not right, a high amount of glucose in the blood can wreak havoc on the delicate cells. In such a case, an injection of "stink bomb" could cut down the risks. Diabetes UK reported that 80 percent of diabetic patients die because of heart diseases.

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