An unsuspecting diver came across a very strange underwater find.

According to Toronto Sun, Sean Smyrichinsky went off Pitt Island, near Haida Gwaii to dive for see cucumbers. While he did not have any luck finding sea cucumbers, he stumbled upon an old nuke that got the Canadian Army very interested.

"I found this big thing underwater, huge, never seen anything like it before," Smyrichinsky said.

No one on the boat had a single clue about what it was. Few days later, he came across an old fisherman.

"Nobody had ever seen it before or heard of it, (because) nobody ever dives there," he said. "Then some"I came up telling all my buddies on the boat ‘Hey, I found a UFO. It's really bizarre.' And I drew a picture of it, because I didn't have a camera." old-timer said ‘Oh, you might have found that bomb.'"

The bomb the fisherman is referring to is a Mark IV bomb. CBC reported that the old bomb went missing after Convair B-36B, a U.S. bomber crashed off B.C.'s North Coast in the early days of the Cold War. The report added that Smyrichinsky browsed the Internet to confirm if what he saw was really the Mark IV bomb.

"It was a piece that looked very much like what I saw," he said. "The plane that was carrying the bomb, it crashed 50 miles south of where I found that object." "What else could it possibly be? I was thinking UFO, but probably not a UFO, right?"

Smyrichinsky sent an email to Canada's department of national defence, detailing his find. Reports said The Royal Canadian Navy will dispatch one of its warships, HMCS Yellowknife, a coastal defence vessel, later this month to inspect the mysterious object.

"What we will also do we will also embark a small team from Fleet Diving Unit Pacific who are very well versed in operating this kind of equipment and they will provide explosive ordinance oversight in determining what the object is when they do in fact find it," Lt. (N) Greg Menzies, a spokesman for the Royal Canadian Navy told Radio Canada International.