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This New Technology Helps Pet Owners Track Animals' Health

Nov 04, 2016 05:32 AM EDT

Wearable tech is not only meant for humans; it's now possible to sync your pets with the latest technology.

Pet owners can have a clear picture of their animal's health using a new technology known as "pet trackers," according to a report published on CBS Chicago. The tool named Whistle allows you to know whether your pet is getting sufficient exercise. Attached to the animal's collar, the tracker sends information to the owner's smartphone. This data consists of stats on the animal's weight and the amount of time it's spending outdoors.

By using the technology, owners of dogs and cats have reduced the number of visits to the local vet, said Ben Jacobs, co-founder of  San Francisco-based Whistle. The objective of the device is to make pet owners aware of their animal's health and put safety methodologies at the forefront.

David Levin, owner of a Golden Retriever named Mark, keeps tabs on the routine exercise of his pet with the tracker. He stated that it helps to keep his pet active and ensure that he cares for him as much as the animal does for him. Mark's tracker also has a GPS installed. It assists the owner in tracking the animal wherever he may be, eventually giving him peace of mind.

A majority of dogs in the U.S. do not get sufficient exercise, with more than 40 percent of dogs being overweight and 25 percent obese, according to non-profit organization American Animal Hospital Association.

An increasing number of firms are manufacturing wearable gadgets purely meant for animals, whether it's to check their health or keep track of them. Popular brands that manufacture pet trackers include Nuzzle, Pet Pace, and Whistle. Research indicates that the pet tracker sector is estimated to top over $2 billion in the coming five years.

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