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A Foldable iPhone? Breakthrough Technology Offered to Apple

Nov 03, 2016 08:08 AM EDT

Many have criticized Apple for producing phones that are a little different than, or no different from, their predecessors. But it looks like the tech giant is taking a different direction. How about making your usual touch screen foldable?

Yes, foldable, and Apple won the bendy tech.

For the 10th anniversary of the iPhone in 2017, many are already enthralled to see the latest iPhone model yet to be released. Rumors have been spreading like wildfire about an iPhone 7s or iPhone 8 that would eventually emerge in the market with better performance and specifications than the previous model units. But what took Apple to the limelight today was it being granted the patent for a portable device that is "bendable" in half.

According to Patently Apple, the technology behind the capability of the phone materials to be flexible is through carbon nanotubes. This breakthrough innovation will be the first ever to happen on a smartphone. With the carbon nanotubes' conductivity, the internal processes of the mobile phone's circuits will still work even if portions of it are made flexible.

The nanotubes can be used for the cables, parts of the circuit boards, the camera, and even portions of the display structures. According to recent releases of possible designs, the foldable iPhone may even have hinges or joints.

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Samsung, one of the rival companies of Apple, has also been engaged in filing patent applications for this type of technology. But strategically, Apple was left untracked by filing the patent through one of their engineers. What didn't went through the people's noses was that the application actually shows hints that it belongs to iPhone by showing samples of design using similar faces of Apple products, including its iconic home button.

Apple is still creating more developments for their future model units. It was even mentioned in Daily Mail that they have partnered with Taiwan's Foxconn Technology Group to develop the possibility of wireless charging for iPhone in 2017.

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