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NASA Releases Stunning 4K Video of International Space Station

Nov 02, 2016 05:02 AM EDT

People often wonder what it feels like to be inside the International Space Station (ISS). A small, pressurized metallic abode floating in space that houses astronauts and tons of scientific instruments in microgravity. Now, people can experience that through a 4K stunning ultra HD video of the station released by NASA, the closest to the real thing people will get to experience.

The Space Station Fisheye Fly-Through 4K (Ultra HD) video released by NASA on Oct. 27 shows the International Space Station in its full high-definition glory. The fascinating video of the space lab was produced by Harmonic for NASA TV UHD using Ultra High-Definition (4K) video resolution with the help of a fisheye lens that features extreme focus and depth of field capabilities.

By viewing the video, it's easy to feel like the viewers are actually floating inside the ISS. The ISS tour was captured using a fisheye lens that makes the experience more "relatable" that gives the viewers the widest view of the ISS cabins and equipment.

The video is a good representation of the 'beautiful imagery from space' taken from aboard the station. NASA TV produces amazing footage about the station and the space programs that can be viewed on Earth.

Recently, the public has shown great interest in space videos. Social media pages recently aired a "fake" space walk video on Facebook Live that confused many online viewers due to the claim that the spacewalk was taking place in 'real time'. Apparently, the video was from a 2013 space walk and shouldn't be categorized as a live footage.

The hoax video garnered so much attention. This means there is a wide interest when it comes to videos from space so it's not surprising for NASA and NASA TV to step up their game. The ISS is equipped with HD cameras so it is wise for NASA to maximize the use of its HD cameras.

The ISS weighs 990,000 pounds (450,000 kg) and offers a living space almost the same with a five-bedroom house. Most of the cabins can be explored by watching the 4K video that NASA recently released. A view of the Earth from inside the ISS can also be seen as the camera traverse through the interiors of the space station.


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