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#PutAPriceOnIt: Is Expensive Carbon the Answer to Climate Change?

Nov 02, 2016 04:00 AM EDT

Developing new technology that uses renewable energy has offered an alternative for people to lessen their carbon imprint and help in halting global warming. However, is there a quick solution to stop climate change? Put A Price On It, a new movement, says that a faster climate solution is making carbon pollution expensive.

According to an article from Treehugger, Put A Price On It aims to lessen carbon emissions by making it inaccessible, turning the tables and making the once-free carbon pollution expensive. The logic is that if carbon expensive, people will choose more renewable energy sources such as solar and wind rather than using carbon-intensive fossil fuels.

The Put A Price On It campaign was set up by nonprofit organizations Our Climate and Years of Living Dangerously. The movement has gained support from different fields -- from science to politics -- including US Secretary of Labor Robert Reich. Celebrities like Jack Black and Cecily Strong have also expressed their support on Put A Price On It, and has even starred on a series of videos about the campaign.

This quick solution gives a potential answer for climate change, especially when recent accusations of Morgan Foundation saying that the government is "playing accounting games" on future carbon emissions targets.

Geoff Simmons, general manager of Morgan Foundation, revealed that the government is planning to change its carbon-accounting rules on forestry. This means that one year's worth of carbon emissions will be wiped out from records even though, realistically, it will still exist.

"We are quite worried about the precedent this sets, because it could open up to scope for a lot more countries to try and hide their emissions through creative accounting," Simmons told Stuff.

If you agree that carbon emissions should be priced expensively so people would be forced to switch to greener alternative energy sources, take a pledge to vote Put A Price On It on The Climate Solution.

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