On the latest photo captured by NASA from Mars, UFO and alien hunters are chasing around the idea of possible life on the planet. This is because the photo quite resembles a fossilized grizzly bear or a sloth-like creature, sparking the interest of these extra-terrestrial enthusiasts to dig more about the latest craze caught on cam.

It was not the first time that NASA enthralled mankind with Mars' possible traces of life due to different and peculiar formations found in their space photographs, ranging from the lost shoe of an alien warrior to a big-foot skull. Now their latest photo showed a bear-like image.

According to Taiwan's alien hunter Scott Waring, the image is "unusual and interesting." "Even without processing the image, you can clearly see that it looks artificial. Resembles a bear or sloth-like creature to me, possibly with a shell, but to be honest, it could be anything," he mentioned on Daily Mail. "The dark patch is the curly hair coat and its face area has significantly less hair."

But not everyone is convinced yet with these propositions. For instance, many said that the image was simply a rock. Because of lighting and illumination, a figure was created, which provided an illusion of the bear-like structure. The event was even linked to only a "pareidolia" or the human response to being able to see structures, figures, or faces from randoms things.

The hunt for life on Mars started from the Viking Programs. However, data gathered from the explorations did not give enough supporting details and evidence that the Red Planet supports life. In 1996, Dr. David McKay and his colleagues presented that a meteorite from Mars had traces of life, but this claim was later on disputed. This was due to more advanced analysis on the meteorite, showing the seemingly Martian bacteria traces were actually caused by its prolonged stay on earth. It was noted that upon discovery in 1984, it actually dated back 120,000 years ago.

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